I’m a Sunshine Kind of Gal

It’s a quiet and cold night. Everyone is sick of the cold and the snow. I know I am! Daddy is constantly outside blowing the snow around and right now Mommy is out there with him, so I get my chance to reflect. I admit when I was little, I loved running around in the snow. My coat is pretty thick even though I don’t really shed like Dakota. My paws tend to get cold quick. Daddy refuses to let Mommy put pawshoes on me.

The other thing I don’t like about the snow is trying to poop. Let’s face it! It’s hard to squat and do your business when the cold snow is right on you! If that isn’t bad enough Dakota always invades my space. Yes, Dakota I am pooping. It’s cold out and I just want to get it done! So lately I have been pooping and peeing on the patio and Oh Boy! Daddy does not like that! He cleared a path in the yard for me and Dakota to do our business on. It’s very funny, but as I look out the window, I can see poop flying through the air with the snow!

There’s not much for me to do in the snow. Not so for Dakota who just loves being out in the snow. He’d live out there I think! He runs and gallops over the big snow drifts. Daddy put all Dakota’s tennis balls in a bucket in the garage and the other night he told Mommy that Dakota had emptied the entire bucket. He finds the balls in the snow and sometimes Daddy finds them with his snow blower! Eek!

Dakota will lay on the patio and wait for someone to come out and play. Or he’ll bark at the four dogs who live next door. Dakota will catch snowballs until springtime! He jumps in front of the shovel, just so he can feel the snow on his face. He looks so funny with a white beard! I gotta say Dakota makes the best of every kind of weather. He plays in the snow, digs in the grass, licks puddles when it rains. He has a very positive outlook!


Dakota enjoying his snow day!

Me? Well I just want the sun. In the afternoon when the sun is just over the trees, it streams into our family room. So I lay there and get my Vitamin D. We all need some sunshine in our lives. Dakota just makes his own.