Starting Over


After my walk. So tired.

Hey, hey. Zoey here. Mommy is outside with Dakota. She has been walking us separately sometimes so she can focus on strengthening my leg. I needed a few minutes to recuperate. Luckily my front paws work fine, so I can type.

Thank you for your concern. Mommy has been telling me that everyone is asking how I’m doing. Right now we are working on getting me to put my leg down when I walk. It’s not easy slowing down. I am a fast mover. I like to get from here to there in a flash. It’s very hard for me to have to slow down and not be the dog I once was.

When we walk, Mommy reminds me to put my paw down. I do. It hurts and feels wobbly,  but I think I’m getting stronger. Plus it’s wonderful being out in the fresh air. I admit, I’ve been a little depressed. It’s easier to lay in the dark under my daddy’s desk and bemoan the fact that I’m lame. There I said it. I don’t know if my leg will ever be the way it once was and that makes me sad. Mommy makes me comes sit with her in the sunshine.

Dakota can run around and be his same carefree, goofy self. I’m happy for him. He still wants to wrestle and we did a little in the house yesterday, which was wonderful. Dakota gets that I want to be treated normally. I don’t want him to think, “Oh, I can’t play with Zoey anymore, because she can’t run.” He knocks into me and bites my ear whenever he feels like it. I appreciate that.

Mommy rubs my leg every night and stretches it. I do love the attention. I have to do the work, in order to get better. It’s a long road, but with everyone’s support, I know I will get stronger.

Zoey out!