Combining a Mission with Passion to Give Back

Last night I attended the #trending4fashion fundraiser which was created by cancer survivor Rachael Murray. Rachael was diagnosed with a cancerous mass in her chest in August 2012. After receiving months of chemotherapy and painful radiation her mass has shrunk and no longer is cancerous. Yet she lives with it still inside her.

But Rachael doesn’t let that stop her. She says that cancer is just a word and you decide how it will affect your life.

Rachael has chosen to give back by raising money and awareness. She is the Girl of the Year for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and the donations raised at this fabulous event will help find a cure and provide financial resources for families.

Rachael is exuberant and very outgoing. She participated in the fashion show and walked on stage with confidence and spoke eloquently. In the fall she will attend college for communications. She is comfortable speaking with others. She is passionate about it. Rachael has combined her passion and her talent with her mission to help others with cancer.

Her team consisted of her best friends, family, volunteers, oncology nurses, other survivors, and even the valet parking attendants who volunteered to escort the models to the runway.

She met Jaclyn Romano who helped fill a comfort bag for Rachael and they instantly connected. Young adults are amazing and congrats to Rachael for a beautiful event!