I’m Back!

My college adventure has come to an end. I’m back home. Back to sneaking onto Mommy’s computer when she goes out. It’s hard to type when Dakota is in my fur all the time.

Even though I did cry every time Stephen left the room, I was much calmer without Dakota always up my butt. Ever hear of personal space!?

I had so much fun and made many friends. I even got to sit on Guzi’s bed. He is Stephen’s best friend who he met when he was in 2nd grade! Now they live together. Everyone was really nice to me. I went to people’s houses, drove with Stephen in his car. He even let me shift once or twice. Don’t let my Momma know. She won’t like that!

I was sad to say goodbye to Stephen, but happy to see Mommy, Daddy, and yes even Dakota. I took a chance and know I can go away to college or maybe see one of my friends and be OK. I’m a big girl now!

Zoey Warrior Huntress

College student Zoey here! Stephen is at class so I’m on patrol. He left his computer in his room. Hope he didn’t need it!

I’m getting good at this city living, but I still need to keep an eye out for any pesky critters. At home I’m always chasing a chipmunk or bird around the yard.

It’s easy there, because I’m used to all the scents. In the city there is no end to the smells and sounds! One minute I sniff something by this garage, next I hear something by the house. I have to be on alert 24/7.

Stephen and our roommates may think I’m snoozing while they play Xbox, but my ears and nose are always working.

It doesn’t matter where I am. I protect the ones I love. I love Stephen and the boys here at the house. I do miss my mommy and daddy, but I’ll see them soon. Dakota who? Just kidding. I miss that goofy dog.

Ding dong! Stephen’s home! Until next time. Zoey out!