Zoey Goes to College!

Oh yes I did it! Zoey is at college! Well at least for a week. Luckily, Stephen sleeps late so I can use his computer to update my blog.

If you follow Mommy’s blog at www.writetobehealed.wordpress.com you may have read about her need to swerve and do something off her beaten path.

Well this is my swerve.

Dakota is at home, most certainly wondering where I am, while I have decided that my swerve is to do something on my own. I’m always with Dakota or my mommy. I have never done anything on my own or just for me.

So as I ponder the details of Sales Management (slight shudder), I am thrilled to be venturing down a new road. After all, isn’t that what life is all about? I have learned so much about myself being on my own.

Oh course Stephen is with me. Here I am relaxing while he plays video games. I can do my thing and not have Dakota sit on me to get my attention.

I have a ton of friends who pop over every night. They enjoy spending time with me. I think it helps them, because many miss home, their pets, and are stressed about school.

Yeah, I’m not really getting this business stuff. I’m an idea kind of gal. Maybe I’ll have Stephen run my business. Not sure what it is, but I’ll ponder it on my next walk.

Here’s to your swerve!

Zoey out!

Traveling Zoey

Hey there! It’s Zoey here!

Mommy is getting us ready for a big trip tomorrow! She’s taking a day off from writing to bring us to see Stephen!

She brushed our fur until it glistened and we smell like a strawberry field in mid bloom!

There’s nothing like a road trip to get my heart thumping. I’m a traveling kind of gal. You can tell by my incessant whining the entire time the car is moving! I simply relish in the open road!

Dakota is already dreaming about how much he’ll pee when he sees Stephen and whether there will be a tennis ball or two waiting for him.

As you can see from the back of the truck, we ride in style. I simply cannot wait! Mommy doesn’t realize that we have no concept of time. So when she loads our beds in, I’m like Let’s go!

She left me in the garage a bit because I just wanna ride!

And guess what?! Don’t tell Stephen, but Mommy packed my stuff in case Stephen wants me to stay for a week!!

Dakota can’t handle city life, but I’m chill. I’ll be the college support dog.

Zoey is on it!