I’m Alright!

Zoey here! It’s Saturday morning. I have been trying to get on Mommy’s computer, but she obviously is catching up on her blogging. She has her tea and is focused!

So focused she didn’t see me grab her phone. Don’t try and text her because she won’t be able to answer.

It sure is hard typing on an iPhone. Luckily my nails are iPhone sensitive so I can tap tap away!

Driving to the vet!

I wanted to update everyone on my heart. Dr. McNaughton called and said the structural wall of my heart is fine. My bloodwork is clear. So that is totally positive.

He is concerned about my constant whining and the hard time I have going down the stairs.

Yesterday Mommy brought me in to get my blood pressure taken. It was scary. Mommy would have taken a picture but I was too nervous. A nice lady came in and wrapped this white plastic thing around my leg. I didn’t like that, but I liked the peanut butter she gave me.

It didn’t work so another lady, equally nice came in. I got scared and hid under the bench. So then they put that thing on my tail. Oh thank you, Dakota! Apparently he says it’s a blood pressure cuff. (Imagine my eyes rolling to the ceiling!)

Anyway, that seemed to work. I ate more peanut butter and they left after a few tries.

Finally Dr. McNaughton came in! He loved my PB kisses! My blood pressure is perfecto! Italian kiss to the air!

He checked my eyes again. He said he has been so worried about me and my anxiety. He is so sweet. Mommy ordered me an Adaptil Anxiety collar which will hopefully calm me. Then I’ll get checked in six months to make sure my murmur didn’t get worse. I can still play and do my thing.

I think I am doing pretty gosh darn good for being 10!

What do you think?

Zoey out and about!

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