Zoey Updated

Zoey here! I know it’s been awhile! I have gray but that won’t slow me down!

Mommy, Daddy, and Dakota are outside messing with the snow. I took this rare opportunity to jump on Mommy’s computer and write.

So much has happened. On the 15th, I turned 10 and Dakota turned 8. You may remember he was found in a dumpster so his birth date was unknown. In human years, I’m 64 and Dakota is 66.

We saw lovely Dr. McNaughton at Burnt Hills Veterinary. He seemed concerned. He told Mommy that I have a heart murmur. I have to admit I haven’t been feeling good lately. Sometimes I can’t see like I used to, I get anxious going down the stairs, and I do NOT have much patience with Dakota.

Doc gave me three shots and I had blood drawn. It really hurt and the nurse had to do it twice.

You can see my bandages and they gave me a bandana with some medicine to help calm me. Depending on what the blood tells them, I may get my blood pressure checked and have an echocardiogram. It sounds scary. I hid in Mommy’s closet while she cleaned her bedroom. She has a lot of laundry to get done, but it makes for a cozy bed!

And yes she wears Minion socks. Medicine may help my heart and my crankiness. We are waiting to hear from the doctor. I’m taking it day by day and enjoying life’s little treasures.

With Dakota outside I get a little break. He sure does loves the snow.

I prefer to enjoy the snow from a distance.

10 years! It’s time for some Fun and Doggie adventures! I hope you follow along!

Zoey out!