Eek! A Snake!

It’s Zoey in the backyard! I know it’s been a long time since I had my paws on my momma’s laptop. She has been writing like you wouldn’t believe!

But I had to tell you about my day. It was a beautiful morning. Dakota and I were outside sniffing around. Suddenly I see a large brown snake curled up along the patio. Oh no! Mommy is inside and this snake could get her if she comes out.

I nose closer and give a growl so the snake knows to leave. Then it bites my nose! I yelped. I couldn’t help it. But I wasn’t backing down. I had to protect my family!

Mommy comes running out with a little knife in her hand. She sees me on alert. She comes around the corner, sees the snake, and hightails it back inside yelling for me and Dakota to follow.

After the snake slithered away, I went to see her. Blood ran down my nose. She called vet and they said it wasn’t poisonous. Luckily she was fast enough to take a picture.

Dakota backed me up, but he kept his distance, knowing I had it under control. That’s my job. Keep everyone safe. Last week it was opossums, this week it’s snakes. I’m a busy dog!

Zoey chilling out!