Each Step is Up to Me!

Hi Everybody! Zoey here. I was doing great with my leg. Walking and exercising on it every day. Then I ran like the wind chasing Dakota into the backyard. It was like I was 1 again! So strong and capable. When I limped into the house, I felt like I was jumped by a coyote or two. So back to square one.


Right now, Mommy is teaching kids about writing stories at the school. I’m stuck upstairs. I can’t go down without Mommy or Daddy encouraging me. I am afraid I’m going to fall. Mommy says that all I ever need to do anything in life is within me. How do I find it? Where exactly in me is it?

I shut my eyes and picture my strong legs carrying me down the stairs. Crash! Dakota knocks into me. Well, yes that would happen. But I did it!

I open my eyes and the floor is a long way down. My family can give support, but they can’t do this for me. Only I can. I tap tap down the stairs and am very proud of myself.

One step at a time–every day!

Zoey out!