Oh Man, my ACL!

Hi. Mommy and Daddy are back from their trip to Miami. Mommy left to restock our food supply.  Dakota and I had a wonderful time with Marisa watching us. 

I don’t really know what happened, but when she let us out one more time, I slipped and suddenly I couldn’t walk. It hurt so much. Luckily I have three other legs and was able to get back inside.  Marisa was very concerned. 

Marisa and her friend carried me upstairs. Even Dakota was nice and didn’t run me over. I wasn’t any better the next day, so Mommy called the vet. She has often said that it takes a village to raise a child, and I think she now extended that phrase to her dogs. 

Aunt Colleen came and got me, and just because he’s that kind of guy, our neighbor, Chris, went too. I missed Marisa, but know she had to work. She took good care of me. 

Thank goodness Dr. McNaughton was there! He was so loving and patient. I may have strained or tore my ACL. That’s on my knee. It was so swollen, he gave me medicine to help it. So I need to wait and see what happens. 

Uncle Jason and Uncle Scott watched me over the weekend. They made sure I didn’t run around. 

They were wonderful, but I really couldn’t wait for my Mommy to come home. 

Monday morning Lauren and Owen came over to check on me. 

That made me very happy!

What made me even happier was when my parents came home. I let Dakota go first, because let’s face it–he’ll plow me over when I have four legs!

Mommy hugged me and petted me and rubbed my leg. 

So now I’m waiting. I want to run around and go for a walk, but I can’t. I miss it, and hope I will be all right. Please send me some cheer and well wishes.  We know the power of good thoughts. 

Thank you to everyone who took care of me when I needed it most!❤️

One thought on “Oh Man, my ACL!

  1. Hang in there Zoey! Aunt Colleen hopes you just strained your knee and you’ll be able to put weight on it soon!! Hugs and doggy kisses!!

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