When a Cup is Not a Cup

Hello! Zoey here! Momma is not! She is with Nanny on this beautiful sunny day. Daddy isn’t home either, so I’m enjoying some quiet time. 

Yesterday Mommy and Daddy took us to see Dr. McNaughton for our annual checkup. We were both very good! We each had to have two shots and blood drawn. Dakota tooted, because he was scared, and he smelled the whole ride home. 

Daddy asked about how much food we should eat. Dakota is 109 pounds having gained 9 from last year, and I gained 6 to bring me to 69 pounds!

Mommy explained that she gives us one cup of food in the morning and one cup at night. When Dr. McNaughton asked how much it was, my mom said, “1 cup.”

This is the cup Mommy uses and yes it is a cup. But the question asked was is it really a cup?  Well we know it’s a cup, because you can drink out of it, but is it 8 oz or 1 cup  as a measurement?

That was the question of the day! Now let me tell you something about my Mommy. She is a talented writer and editor. She loves to read and digs history. If there is a typo on an ad, on a menu, on a sign on the highway, she will find it!

However…my Mommy is not very, how shall we say, good at math and measuring. She tries and she does well with basic math and balancing the checkbook. Man! I could write a book listening to her and Daddy’s conversations about running the finances. Yup. You got it. Mommy does it!  Luckily a lot of the time when she screws up, it’s in their favor. Except when she lost that envelope of money.  Yet again I digress!

Anyhoo! Mommy came home, scooped up a cup (ha ha) of food and measured it. And it was–2cups! 

Lucky us! We have been eating twice the amount than we should be eating! Dakota can probably have 1 1/2 cups, but I’m petite, and if that food is there, I don’t have any control!

So now Mommy is slowly weaning us down to a smaller amount. I helped her by drawing a line on the cup. 

Hey, we all have our strengths!

Zoey out!

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