Some of my favorite things…

As I languorously soak in the heat of the roaring fire, I revel in the warmth and joy of having Stephen home. 

Mommy has been very busy this fall. She has been coming and going so much. I’m not too shy to say that I miss her. You would think that I’d have more chances to write, but I’ve had a dry period. 

Today she is at a yoga class. But before I could sneak away to her computer, Stephen lounged in the library and turned on the gas stove. I was drawn by the fire and lulled into a state of euphoria as I cozied up to Stephen. 

I didn’t worry about what I would write or whether Dakota was chewing on my favorite bone. Rather I enjoyed my quiet time with my human brother. It had been almost three months since Stephen came home. Sleeping in his room when he was gone felt cold and lonely. 

When he came home, Dakota shot out first and enjoyed his reunion with his best bud. I know DK has a special place in Stephen’s heart, but something happened this time that brought us closer together. 

Stephen and I connected, and it didn’t stop at our reunion. We have been sleeping in late and cuddling more. So when Stephen sat on the floor with me, I was encased in a warm cocoon of love. How lucky am I to be surrounded by so much love and recognize it?

Having Stephen home has also slowed Mommy down so that she is soaking in these moments, these heart-growing memories that  get us through the times of separation. 

So my favorite things–warm fires or the hot sun on my fur, cuddling up with my loved ones, and yes, tricking Dakota into giving up a bone so I can eat it–keep me in the moments when I feel the love of my family. That’s a lot to be thankful for, and I hope that everyone takes the time to not only spend time with those you love, but also recognize the gift. 

How sweet it is!!