Smarter Than I Knew!

Summertime, Summertime! It’s so difficult to keep up with my writing when I want to bask in the hot July sun. But I always have to take any opportunity to get on the computer. Mommy is outside and although she isn’t basking in the sun, she is enjoying the warmth while pruning her tomatoes. Nanny would be so proud!

I joke about Dakota (DK) and how he leads a simple life and sometimes can appear to be simpler than we think. This photo reflects his inability to learn as Dakota will salivate and try to bite a brick when he sees a shadow. No matter how many times Mommy tells him to stop, he just can’t help himself.


As you know, DK absolutely loves balls. He will chase balls for hours and as I blogged before, he is relentless trying to get people to throw balls for him. A couple years ago Daddy bought a GoDogGo Remote Fetch system so DK could have balls tossed his way over and over and over again. It was a great idea, but no matter how hard he tried, DK could not learn to put the ball back into the bucket.

Remember how DK always places the ball behind someone sitting outside? Read my last blog for that one. Well, Daddy in his infinite wisdom decided to place his chair next to the fetch system so that instead of placing the ball behind Daddy, he would place them in the bucket. Guess what? He did it! At least for a few times. Then instead of putting the ball in the bucket, he put it in the front where the ball shoots out. Hey, whatever works right! What a happy dog he is now and I’ll give him credit for being smart!