Relentless Passion

Happy Summer! 

Momma is lounging on her new swing outside. Now is my chance to use her computer. 

Passion. It’s what moves us to action, gets us off our dog bed, and inspires us to try. People may look at me and laughing say, “Ha! There’s Zoey wasting her life away watching the grass grow. There’s nothing out there.” 

They don’t know what’s inside me. I am meant to hunt and protect. Our backyard is my territory. It’s where my family relaxes and enjoys life. I have their back. 

You may think I’m twiddling my paws (really how can I even do that). But I’m observing the movements in the trees and the grass. I scent changes in the air: a bonfire, food on the grill, or a neighbor’s cologne. I feel the vibrations in the earth. I hear the teeniest tiniest swish of a tail or the wiggle of whiskers. This is my passion. This is who I am. 

Everyone has their own passion; as unique as they are. 

Take Dakota. He leads a simple and happy life. He is relentless and tenacious in his pursuit of . . . his ball. 

He will sneak that slimy, gross, and poop-covered ball behind an unsuspecting visitor and wait until the ooze seeps into the back of their pants. Today he was putting his ball in Nanny’s plant bin. 

They don’t really want to throw it. They just want to get it away from them. 
But then the ever determined DK has them in his four paws. He brings it back knowing that eventually they will break down again. 

Now that is true passion! Embrace yours!