Am I Really That Smart?

Hey! Mommy is outside enjoying the sunshine. She is supposed to be writing, but I think she’s taking a break on Facebook!

Now I didn’t mean to sound vain when I wrote this title. It’s just that some people wonder if I’m really as smart as I appear or if I’m a master manipulator. Then again aren’t manipulators very smart?

Let me explain. Mommy often buys me and Dakota these delectable bones. Usually one of us gets done with ours first. Although by the time the bone is almost gone we have swapped them a few times. It just tastes better!

I spring into action when there is only one piece left. Dakota will be chewing the bone and I’ll look out the window. Something will catch my eye and I’ll bark. Dakota drops the bone and launches forward barking like he just spotted a burglar. Whatever it was would disappear but Dakota would keep looking. I noticed that when this happens he leaves his bone on the ground. You can’t bark and chew a bone at the same time. So I snatch it up. Dakota is very laid back so he doesn’t really care. 

This happened again and I caught on to the pattern. So when he has the bone I get excited about something real or imagined (it’s hard to tell sometimes) and when Dakota goes to investigate, I make my move. 

Here I am on the stairs. The bone is next to Dakota, unknownest to Mommy. She calls us down. Being a good listener, Dakota runs down the stairs. I, in turn, grab the bone and hide under her desk. 

   Yes I know what you are saying. “That Zoey isn’t very nice to her brother!” To that I ask, “Do you really think I’m that smart?”😎