Zoey and Dakota Go to the Vet!

How many of you love going to the doctor?! You may not but Dakota and I absolutely positively adore visiting Dr. McNaughton. 

Now for my dog friends who may be a little nervous about going, let me give you the rundown. 

By the way Mommy is at karate class. I heard she was going to make everyone do a bunch of push ups! They must have been bad!

Anyway! I digress yet again! Mommy took us to the vet. I get very excited and smile at everyone. I don’t know why they can’t just come and pet me! I only want to spread love!

Finally we went into the room. I weighed 65 pounds and Dakota was 101! Then the anticipated moment arrived! Dr. McNaughton walked in!

As you can see we are so happy to see him. It’s important that we feel safe with our doctor especially Dakota since he gets nervous. 

I went first. Doc checked my eyes because I have been having trouble going down the stairs. They are fine so we will see how that goes. 

Next I had to get four shots! Doc said I could handle it. He is so gentle that I didn’t feel it. I gave him extra kisses!  

Then it was Dakota’s turn. His eyes were perfect!

His heart was healthy and he was a good boy when his belly was checked. 

He got a bit anxious with his three shots but I think it was painless. Mommy told Doc that Dakota eats his own poop so he wouldn’t let Dakota give kisses! Most dogs like poopsicles, but Dakota likes them hot off the press! 💩

The whole visit was a success and we are perfectly healthy! We did such a great job that Mommy gave us peanut butter in our kongs!