It’s Not Easy Being Clean!

Especially if you are Dakota–afraid of loud noises, nail clippers and thinks everyone is after you! Well maybe just other dogs.

I always know when Mommy takes Dakota somewhere without me. That’s what happened today. I didn’t know where he went so I paced and whined and even a big chewy bone couldn’t calm me down. 

Finally I heard the garage door open and I raced downstairs. There was Dakota with a black and white bandana on! I sniffed, I licked his ears, and we even wrestled for a minute. He was the same dog, but cleaner!

Mom gave us each a bone as she knows that we suffer separation anxiety! Then Dakota proceeded to tell me all about his trip to CaNine to Five for his grooming appointment. 

He met Amy and she could tell he was nervous so she took the time to pet and reassure him. Lark was behind a door because Mommy explained how anxious Dakota got around other dogs. Dexter was in a crate, but Dakota wasn’t bothered by them. Why didn’t she take me? I thought. I would have played with the other dogs!

His experience was positive, Dakota didn’t really like the tub and he pulled like mad to get out. Amy understood him and constantly comforted the poor guy! Next came the blow dryer and they put a cloth over a dog’s ears so it’s not so loud. This helped until it came to close to his head and then he freaked and farted! Poor Amy had to wash her sweatshirt! You get extra bonus points Amy! That is stinky!šŸ™

When Mommy arrived he was getting his nails trimmed and leaning over toward Mom like he was pleading, “Save Me!” He is such a Momma’s boy!

Even though he’s all tired out, he said he’ll go back. He likes his fresh scent!

So another successful trip to CaNine to Five! Thanks Amy and see you soon for my primping!

Happy Birthday to Me & Dakota!

Happy Birthday to me and D! Hoping for my own computer, but I like sneaking Momma’s.  I turned 7 today! People say that dogs age 7 years for 1 year of their life. So that would make me 49 in people years! YIKES!

Then I saw this photo of me and Mommy and I remembered that she is 49 too! We are the same exact age! What a shocker. Of course Mommy is doing better than me. She isn’t losing her pee when she sleeps, although sometimes she pees her pants when she sneezes! Don’t tell her I said that!šŸ˜œ

I’m also having a bit of trouble going down the stairs. My legs are fine, but something is wrong with my vision. Dr. McNaughton is going to check them at my annual visit. All I can say about Mommy’s eyes is that she has had glasses since she was 3! At least I didn’t walk into walls all the time!

Dakota turned 5! We share the same birthday since we don’t know his actual date. He’s still quite the youngster! Everyone has been saying how mature Dakota has gotten and well-behaved. Has a lot to do with his training with Tom Davis I think. He’s not such an annoying younger brother anymore. Thanks, Tom!

Well I’m sure we will celebrate our day with a walk (probably quick since it’s cold), a big chewy bone, and cozy nap by the fire. 

See you soon!

Groomed and Ready!

Hey! Zoey in the house! I went to CaNine to Five today to get a bath, my nails clipped and my ears cleaned. I feel so refreshed! Everyone was so nice and I really liked meeting Lark and Dexter who are in the photo with me. We hung out while I waited for my momma to pick me up. 

Don’t forget to stop by tomorrow for their Open House from 10am-3pm, 1539 Route 9, Halfmoon, NY. 

I will be giving kisses for donations at 11am so come see me! There will also be fantabulous raffles! All money raised goes to Mr. Mo Project, that helps foster and care for senior dogs.

Hope to see you tomorrow!