Happy Holidays!

 Hey! It’s Zoey here! Sorry it’s been a while! Still dealing with my bladder infection, but luckily I’m diaper free for Christmas morning. Everyone is still asleep so I wanted to take a moment to wish all my four legged friends Merry Christmas. 
Of course as a dog I don’t really celebrate the full meaning of Christmas. But I think we can all agree that especially during this time of year people can learn something from us dogs. 

1. We don’t wait until December to show unconditional love. We do it everyday. 

2. We immediately forgive when we are wronged and give a lick to show it. (Unless you are Gertie! Can’t say that I blame you since Dakota was a bit mean to you!)

3. We accept when we are wrong and show our submission. (Yes even you, Dakota!)

4. We know that every day we are learning and in life there will always be steps backs and then forward, but we have each other for support. 

5. We don’t wait until today to give presents. Dakota gives a present to Daddy every single day in the back yard! Ha!

6. Seriously, the biggest lesson you can learn from us dogs is love. Give love and you will receive it back in larger amounts. 

7. Be in the moment. When the craziness of this day gets too much, do what I do. Sit, look around, and absorb all that is good!

  I love my human and dog families. I will show that love today with big kisses, especially since I know there is a bone under the tree for me! I’ve been smelling it all night! 
Have a wonderful day no matter what you are doing and dog kisses to you all!