Oh, The Pain!

Hi, it’s me. Zoey. I’m keeping this short as I’m not feeling too good. It’s a very sensitive issue so you have been warned.

A couple weeks ago, I kept feeling like I had to go pee. Mommy usually lets me out to pee whenever I tap on the back door. But even after I went, I still felt full. I was very uncomfortable and I didn’t know what to do about it. One night, I was in my favorite spot laying on the floor in front of Mommy who was on the couch. Mommy got up to get something and she yelped! There was a big puddle on the floor! Oh no! I thought. Did I do that? Mommy cleaned it up and let me out.

Mommy left for a little bit and when she came home, she had these white things. I wasn’t sure what they were until Mommy put them on over my butt!  Doggie diapers! How embarrassing! But that wasn’t the worst part! They were actually adult human diapers and Mommy cut a hole in the back so my tail could fit. I felt terrible, but at least the pee that leaked out of me got soaked up and didn’t get all over the floor.


My first night with a human diaper. See how sad I am?

It stopped the next day and I was fine until a few days later when it happened again. I felt worse and Mommy took me to the vet. Dr. McNaughton wasn’t there, but the other doctor was nice. They had to check my pee and so a nurse came outside with me and Mommy and she followed me around with a ladle until I peed. Oh the indignity! I guess it was worth the feeling of exposure, because I had a very bad urinary tract infection! Whatever that is! So now I’m on antibiotics. I really don’t mind. I get to eat it with peanut butter every day.


Geez Ma! Can’t I get a little privacy?


Luckily I didn’t have to wear a diaper to the vet, but boy are there good smells here!

Any get well wishes would be greatly appreciated as Dakota keeps stealing my bones, even though I’m sick!

Doggies–It’s Just Me, Abby!

Hello, Hello!

As you can see I was not the only one in our house! I had the best time meeting Abby and her sister, Zoey! Yes, I met someone else named Zoey! Isn’t that so much fun!?

It wasn’t fun at first because Mommy tricked Dakota and me in order to get us into Stephen’s room. She bought two huge bones, so how could we resist? We heard some people come into the house and then it was pretty quiet. We were enjoying our bones, when all of a sudden we heard this voice! It was the voice of an adorable little girl and we just had to meet her! So we let ourselves be known.

Check out the video below and you’ll know what we mean!

Isn’t she amazing?! Daddy came to get me first, because he knows how much I like to lick little kids’ faces and hands. Abby giggled every time I licked her and she even fed me some treats. You can hear her giggle here. I was so excited about the treats I kept missing her hand with my paw. I think she preferred my kisses! Dakota came down after, but he is so big, Daddy had to keep him on a leash. The girls loved him though.

Abby was at our house with her family because she was filming a video for Stewart’s Holiday Match. Stewart’s grants money to the foundation our family runs. My family’s foundation, Nick’s Fight to be Healed, helps families with cancer. I was sad to hear that Abby has cancer and so I gave her extra love so she knows I care.

Then I got to meet my little friend, Zoey! She loved my smile and I got to lick her, too. She enjoyed playing with the balloons that were around the house and I was very glad to meet her. I’ve never met anyone else with my name. I think we will be good friends.

Zoey meets Zoey!

Zoey meets Zoey!

Abby, her sister and her parents were so nice. I heard them talking about a dance that Abby and other kids with cancer and the community will be going to. It’s called Abby and Matt’s First Dance Celebration. Since I’m on my mommy’s computer, I always go into her files, but don’t tell her that! I don’t think she’ll mind if I post a link to the event. Sadly I can’t go, but I look forward to seeing pictures. Please support Abby and her family and help her celebrate life! Here is the link to register. Everyone is welcome to go!

Register for Abby & Matt’s First Dance Celebration