Dogs Giving Back

Hi Everyone! It’s Zoena Maria Cucina Cammarata! I know! What a name! I like to say it when I’m excited. It took me a while to get onto my mommy’s computer. She has been typing away! They visited Stephen this weekend at his school and so I had free access!

I have to tell you about the wonderful time I had at my family’s foundation event. It’s called Nick’s Run to be Healed 5K and it’s named after Nick, who I have never met, but have dreamed about often. I have written about him. He’s the reason I was sent to my family. Nick always wanted a dog after Brutus died when they were younger. But then Nick got sick. I know we would have been close.

Anyhow! Everyone leaves very early on the morning of the run. It takes months to get the event just right. I like it because there are always a bunch of people at my house and I get to lick a lot of hands and faces! Something different happened that day. Usually Colin down the road comes to the house to get yogurt that is given to everyone at the run. He lets me and Dakota out and gives us a biscuit. But then Stephen, who came home for the run, came through the door!

Even better–he took me back to the run with him! Dakota was very upset. I could hear him howling as we left the house. I felt bad for him, but I was also excited. I became even more excited when I realized that Stephen brought me to the run! There were so many people around with lots of little kids with sticky colored syrup on their faces from sno cones. I was itching to go up to each of them and clean their faces, but I know that my smile scares adults, so I didn’t want to make them cry.


Mommy took a moment to give me a big hug! She was very happy to see me of course!

What was even better than all the people were all the dogs! There was a husky, a black lab, some smaller dogs and the new addition to our neighborhood–Nutmeg! Stephen’s girlfriend, Lauren, was carrying little Nutmeg around. She’s so cute! She looks like an overgrown chipmunk! Not that I want to eat her. Oh no! I want to play with her. Now Dakota on the other hand . . .


Lauren holding cute little Nutmeg!

Even better my great dane cousin, Koba, came to the run. He walked around with Marisa and Alysia. Then the funniest thing happened! There was this huge green guy, who Stephen told me was the Hulk. He had been playing with the kids and throwing them up in the air. He has a permanent smile on his face, but no one seemed scared of him. Well, the Hulk picked up Koba and boy oh boy Koba did not like that!


The Hulk holding Koba. Wonder what that will look like when Koba is 150 pounds next year!

Some of the dogs barked and played and others got into a scuffle, but overall it was really nice. Dogs like the interaction and we feel like we are giving back too. Plus you know the Hulk guy? Well it turns out that he is Chris Hughes co-founder of the Mr. Mo Project with his wife Mariesa. They are friends with my family. The Mr. Mo Project helps rescue senior dogs. They have 7! As we know it takes a lot to keep a foundation working and they have many more dogs who depend on them to get surgery and to be fed and to have a place to sleep. They have a lot of fundraisers going on and Chris is in a calendar with his pitbull and money is donated to their charity if you buy it. I know my mom will buy one for our room.

It was nice for Hulk/Chris to spend time at our event and I know my mom appreciates it, so I want to help them. Will you go to their website and help them out? Buy a shirt or a calendar or just give a donation. I know I would want a nice home when I’m old.

Well I hope I can come back to the run next year and go on the 2 mile walk!