Letting Chloe into their Heart!

I’ve told the story about how Mommy’s whole day was diverted so that she could find me. Sometimes we are sent to a person or a family to help them heal, to provide therapy, to add comfort, or maybe to open their hearts to the many ways of love.


Chloe the first day my mom and Karen met her all the way in Lake George.

Mommy is currently with this new dog owner at yoga, and I say new because she hasn’t had a family dog since she brought one home unexpectedly years ago and that dog didn’t quite work out. She is my mom’s best friend, Karen. Ironically, Karen did it again–brought a dog home without exactly letting everyone in her family know–but this time she brought Mommy along on her ‘finding the perfect pet’ adventure!

Soon to be an empty nester, Karen felt that she needed some extra loving to fill the quiet spaces of her house. Now mind you, her daughter, Emily, had been asking for a dog for years, but it wasn’t the right time. Chloe wasn’t born yet! Of course Emily and I have a special bond and she always pets and plays with me when she comes over. Sometimes it may take years for that special dog to come into your life and that is what happened.


Karen first holding Chloe. How could you not love that face?!

Chloe Patchell or Chlo Chlo, Chloe Bear, Boo Boo, Baby, Bubba, Baby Girl, and oh yes, let’s not forget Little Polar Bear launched herself into this family this past March. Let me tell you when a family has more than 7 names for their dog, they are whipped! My Mommy told me that the breeder was pretty attached to Chloe and had already denied several possible owners–even Paris Hilton’s cousin! She knew that someone unique was coming for Chloe. Chloe liked my mom, of course, and so it was a perfect match. As you can see, Karen’s heart burst open wide!

Chloe is a Maltipoo and she has an adorable brown patch on her ear and a curly tail just like me and Dakota! We are tailmates! Chloe can’t quite reach the computer keys, but she sits on her mom’s lap while she’s working and observes. Chloe is very smart, fun, and playful. She may be little, but she’s feisty when her brother, Charlie, comes over to play. She lets Charlie know when she’s had enough. She’ll push a ball toward you when she wants to play and she’ll bark and sprint back and forth with bursts of energy! Tennis balls are her favorite. They are so small Dakota would probably swallow one! He hasn’t met Chloe yet and I’m not sure when he will, but our moms are going to take us walking together soon now that Chloe has all her shots.

The whole family has fallen in love with Chloe. Her mom loves her sweet personality and gentle nature. She’s very calming and cuddly, especially with her daddy and her brother. Her dad was undoubtedly surprised when he came home from work and found a bazillion pet toys, dog beds all over the house, and a mini white fur ball all curled up waiting to give him a kiss! But one look at this little love and he was hooked! Beautiful how that happens, isn’t it!


Chloe with her big sister, Emily. Chloe’s fur needs to be brushed often and her eyes cleaned, so she can see where she is going!

Chloe is a people pleaser and she’s neat, just like her momma! It’s good that she likes to please and is so gentle, because when Chloe gets older, she’d like to be a therapy dog. She and Nero can work together! Imagine Chloe visiting sick kids in the hospital and curling up on their lap. They will never let her go! Chloe thinks that every family should have a dog to love, but if they can’t at least she can provide that love for a little bit. She has a lot to go around.

Yes, Chloe is a little love (that may be my name for her!) and she has a kind and gentle spirit. That’s what she wants to bring to the world. She believes people can be changed with a bit of positive energy and love. She tries to relay that to everyone she meets, especially when she is walking around her neighborhood. She visits her doggie friends and that energy just calms those around her. Chloe is really quite amazing. She is one smart, kind, and gentle dog. As people pet her she just thinks how much she loves them and they can’t help but love her back!


My momma on a date with Chloe at Starbucks. Chloe has some fancy pink leash bling going on! Always the fashionista!

Chloe–I’ll see you this summer as we walk the neighborhoods together spreading the love and dog drool!

Here I (We) Come to Save the Day!

So even though the title of my blog is a quote from the amazing Mighty Mouse superhero, I felt like it was appropriate for my adventure yesterday. Mommy has been very busy lately and we haven’t had our usual walks. Like today for example. She is out somewhere doing errands and I do miss her!

So before her meeting last night she took us out for a much needed walk. Dakota and I now wear head collars that go over our nose and hook to our collars. They aren’t bad once you get use to them although Dakota keeps trying to take his off. Mommy has been working hard with us to be better listeners and for Dakota to get along with other dogs. You’ll find out in a moment how we may have taken a step back in that area. (Note the foreshadowing!)

There is a house across the street at the end of our road. Tanner Road is very busy so we never walk on it. Usually Mommy says, “Turn,” and that’s what we do. However, as we approached the end our road, I saw a dog that resembled a black lab. My attention was immediately peaked as I take the job of protecting my Mommy very seriously. Dakota hadn’t noticed him yet, which really isn’t unusual. I’m the lookout dog and Dakota is like the foot soldier who follows my lead.


Me stationed at the back of the house patrolling for intruders and chipmunks.

Suddenly the dog rushed across the road, his face scrunched in an angry snarl with slobber flying from his jowls. It happened so fast, but as he lunged for our mom, Dakota ripped his head collar off, jumped in front of Mommy, and snapped his teeth at the dog! I barked angrily and for once I was not smiling, but growling ferociously!

The dog backed away, but didn’t leave. Dakota barked and took another rush at him so that he would leave. The dog raced across the road and almost got hit by a car! Mommy pulled us away, but our adrenaline was on high alert! We made it back home safely and Mommy was so thankful that she bought us both a yummy Nylabone!

IMG_6519 IMG_6520

So you can understand what I mean by Dakota taking a step back in his quest to be friendly to other dogs. As we know not every dog is vicious, but our job is to protect our family and we did!