Nero the Super Therapy Dog!

I feel like I have met a distant cousin. Nero is a half lab and half akita mix. So am I! He’ll be 6 in July and I just turned 6. What is amazing is how different we look.


Nero’s first day on the job!

IMG_5859 (1)

Sorry couldn’t crack a smile here!

Nero definitely looks more like an akita than I do with his pointy ears and rounder face. Dakota was sticking his tongue out at me, so my ears were back in a vulnerable position. It’s hard to write my blog and sometimes star in it and he just doesn’t help!

But it goes to show you that just like people, dogs can have the same background, but be completely unique. And exceptionally handsome in Nero’s case!!

Nero and Dakota have a connection since they both came from Tennessee and were in kill shelters. Nero was adopted by a wonderful family. My mom works with his mom, but Nero has a job. He is a therapy dog and has decided to do something positive in a world that at one point didn’t want him. That’s a hard pill for a dog to swallow. How could someone leave us to die? Dogs only want to show their love and be loved.

Nero and his mom, Diana. Love the matching outfits!

Nero and his mom, Diana. Love the matching outfits!

Nero trained to be a therapy dog after he visited his Uncle Dave who sadly was in hospice. I’ve never been there, but I know that people who are sick are sad and lonely. Nero could see that he made his uncle happy and also gave him some peace. That’s a special gift. It takes a lot of work for both Nero and his mommy to get trained. According to Nero, it was easy when he was being rewarded with treats. Who wouldn’t sit still if they knew they’d be getting some yummy shortly after. But when the treats didn’t come as often, it became harder. But then Nero thought about why he was doing this. Wasn’t it because he saw how he helped Uncle Dave? And didn’t he want to help others like his mommy and daddy helped him? Getting treats just isn’t as rewarding as giving back and making people smile. Talk about seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and coming back with a calling. I like that Nero!

Being outside and walking around the neighborhood is one of Nero’s favorite activities. He’ll hang out in the yard while his dad is doing yard work. He’s definitely a people person, but keep him away from cats! High-five, Nero! I do not like cats and just like Nero I consider myself a hunter. I’ll have to ask him if he chases chipmunks too.

Part of the reason why I started writing my blog was because people misunderstood me. They thought my smile was really my attack face. Plus the fact that I am half akita turns some people off and makes them afraid. You can’t judge a book by it’s cover and you can’t judge a dog by his breed. Nero does say that everyone should ask his mom or dad first if they can pet him. He doesn’t know if he has to protect or if it’s safe when people approach his family. When his mommy says it’s ok then he can relax. But stay away from his face or tail. We dogs don’t like people putting their face in our face and our tail is personal. Please don’t touch it.

How mean can a dog be when he lays by his mom’s feet when she reads on the couch? Take the time to get to know Nero and you will be very pleased. Nero is kind, patient, philanthropic, and crazy for  his ball with the bumblebees in it! Hey, sometimes it doesn’t take much to please us.

Thank you, Nero, for your service and for taking the time to let the world know who you really are!

4 thoughts on “Nero the Super Therapy Dog!

  1. Zoey – I love your smile and as a “dog person” i know from all your other behavior (your wiggly back end, your wagging tail, etc) that you are just lovin’ on people when you smile! I had a Jack Russell once who would grunt when she was happy. People thought she was growling at them but it was really just her happy grunt! People should judge the dog by the dog, not by the breed!! Great advice!! Keep smiling!!

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