I Smile Because I Like You!

zoey smile

Smiling at all the ladies at the hospital!

Hello! It’s a storm afternoon and luckily I’m home, because I don’t like thunderstorms! I had to go to the Animal Care Hospital today because I kept scratching my ear and I tore my fur down to the skin! It’s so itchy, I can’t help it! I love going to the Animal Care Hospital. I get very excited and if you know me, you know what happens. I smile like there is no tomorrow! My whole face brightens and you can see all my teeth! A nice lady today complimented me on how white my teeth are. Of course that was after my mom assured her I was not going to bite her leg off. Really, am I that intimidating? I just want to be loved!

The wonderful staff at the hospital think I’m adorable! Of course I just want them to pet me and get close enough so I can lick their face! I met Doctor Melanie today and she was fantastic. She let me lick her face and she rubbed my belly. She checked my ear and gave me medicine, which I can take with cheese. YUM! Plus mom has to rub some ointment on my skin.

Mom told the doctor about how I am having a hard time going up the stairs. I’m not sure what’s wrong, but most of the time Dakota is at the top of the stairs and I know what’s going to happen when I reach the top. Dakota pounces on me and bites my ear! Maybe that’s why my ear hurts! Dang that Dakota!

I hope to be better soon so I can run around and chase chipmunks!

See ya!