Some Privacy Please!

Heeey! I’ve got to be quick. Mom is out back planting her garden. I’m upstairs because she moved her office out of the one that she shared with Dad. He complained that she typed too much and she complained that he talked too loud. Dakota and I like having them in the same room together, but what do we know?! She’s in Nick’s room. She has made it into her creativity room and all I can say is that it is creative! A lot is happening in here. I’m at her desk so I have more time if she comes inside.

I have to tell you that yesterday was a very, VERY stressful day. Dad is always trying to fix the back lawn, which I can’t understand why. Dakota and I love to run around in circles. I always make sure that a ton of grass flies up into Dakota’s face. There are lots of smelly spots that we roll in and Dakota likes to dig for grubs. It took me a while to figure out that they were NOT going to let us go out back to do our business yesterday. Mom took us for a walk and we always pee by the woods down the road. That was all right, but a few hours later she did it again. I had to go poo, but I prefer the privacy of my back yard. I mean what if someone walked right by us when I was in the middle of squatting? Just the thought makes my butt hole shrink!

By the time night came, Dakota, who is a little less discerning than I am, went in the woods. After he jumped around all happy and light. Mom took me back and forth along the bike path. I did pee, which is always quick, but even though I knew she wanted me to go, I just couldn’t. It’s a horrible feeling.

By 10:30pm, Dad tried one more time, but I refused to do it. I would wait until the morning. I mean it’s like asking a human to pee with in a port-a-potty with the door open. I mean really!

I made it through the night, but I had to go so bad my tail was curling down instead of up. Mom usually let’s us out first thing in the morning, but she left to take Stephen to school. An hour went by and Dad still wouldn’t let us out. I was panting with the exertion of keep my butt hole closed. Finally Dad opened the door and I sprinted out. Ahhh! The comfort of my own back yard. I did it again and again and again in multiple spots so Dad would have a hard time finding it!

Dakota! Wait! Don’t put that picture up!