The Times I Like Dakota

What’s going on! It’s a quiet day at my house. Both my parents are gone and Stephen is at school still.  I sure do hope someone gets home soon because I gotta pee! I must say that I have amazing bladder control. Dakota does not! He still pees when someone comes over. They’ll open the door, he’ll bark, squat, then pee.  I don’t know if he’s scared or excited, but he always seems surprised when it happens. He tries to be a big brave dog, but I think he still has visions of getting thrown in a dumpster and left to die.  Poor mutt!

But I digress.  I wanted to write about why I like having Dakota. Before him, whenever my family traveled, I stayed with my cousin, Buster. He’s a Great Dane and lives in the country near the Catskill Mountains. He’s huge, but we always got along very well. Stephen’s cousins, Ris and Lys, would play with me and I really enjoyed it. 

Sadly, when we got Dakota that changed. It would have been hard on my mom’s sister, Mich, to take care of two dogs. My family travels a lot because of Stephen’s soccer. Sometimes they are gone for a whole week. Because we are used to having people home all day, they ask a friend to stay at the house. Just last weekend, they went away and Dakota and I had the house to ourselves. 

No, we didn’t raid the dog food in the pantry or chew all the bones at once that were left for us. Our favorite thing to do is cuddle up together and enjoy some quiet time after we have had a full-blown wrestling match! We aren’t allowed to wrestle in the house. When we get rough, we have to take it outside. So when we have a lot of time to ourselves, Dakota usually picks up one of his stuffed animals and shoves it in my face. I latch on with my teeth and a growling tug of war takes place. Usually Dakota gets bored and lets go. Then he goes for my legs. He nips my back leg, chews on my ear or bites the back of my neck. It’s so irritating because he’s a lot taller than me. I can get out of the way, but in the house there isn’t much room to sprint. I bark at him, twist and jump on his back. He’ll topple to the ground and then bounce back up and go at me again. I’ll feint left or right and then we are paw to paw on our hind legs like grizzly bears!

Finally after we are soaked in each other’s saliva, we collapse on the living room floor and, if we are lucky, fall asleep with the afternoon sun warming our fur. 


Me and Dakota taking a break from wrestling.

As you can see, as much as Dakota is annoying, it’s comforting to have him around. Otherwise I would get pretty lonely. I guess there are times that I really do like him, just don’t let him know!